Molecular Biology of the cell
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Check the update on exams and graduation sessions. All teaching and training activities in class are suspended until 13 April, pursuant to the Prime Minister's decree of 1 April.

Smart working has been extended until 13 April. All events are cancelled until 13 April.

Form submission - Student information Office

Due to the current situation, the delivery of forms in person is suspended, unless otherwise communicated (see http://www.unimi.it/it/coronavirus-misure-urgenti-la-comunita-universitaria).

Thesis entry and closure forms may be downloaded from the page “Study”> “Stage and Internship” (https://mbc.cdl.unimi.it/en/study/stage-and-internship). It is possible to request a digital signature from teaching staff and to send completed forms by email to: cl.biol@unimi.it.

MBC students are reminded that Graduation procedures and deadlines may be found online at https://mbc.cdl.unimi.it/en/study/graduating. To request admission to graduation, it is compulsory to complete and submit the following forms (signed by the Internal Supervisor and the MBC Coordinator):

  • The final laboratory training module form (12 CFUs) for MBC students
  • Thesis project conclusion form (30 Ects)

Students are invited to frequently consult their institutional email addresses (@studenti.unimi.it), which is the only channel of communication utilised for eventual updates. To ensure correct reception of emails, students should avoid exceeding the allowed mailbox capacity that will result in messages being undelivered.

Furthermore, please check the Ariel pages of the different courses that are continuously updated by teaching members.

Communication to students

Dear students,

some of you are not able to receive the official communications via e-mail, because the UNIMI official account (@studenti.unimi.it) is “over quota”. Please remember to empty your mailbox periodically to free up space and to be able to receive new messages.

International courses of Italian language and culture

Please find as attachment the brochure about an interesting opportunity for international students; it is the possibility of attending a three-week Italian language and culture course in July and August, at the Palazzo Feltrinelli in Gargnano sul Garda. 50 scholarships covering all the expenses are available.

We are pleased to confirm, as you have already been informed previously, that on March 12, 2020 online courses will begin.  Instructions for the online proedurs will be given through the Ariel platform for each course. 


A small guide to student services

Programme quality
Find out what it is and how to participate

Students and teachers participate in programme quality policies through regular monitoring and assessment activities based on indicators provided by the Ministry of Education (MIUR).

As Quality Assurance policies and procedures are student-centred. Inline with this the University has provided a training course divided into 4 modules for the students of the University.

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