Conscientious objection to animal experimentation

In compliance with Law no. 413 of 12 October 1993, "Rules on conscientious objection to animal testing", the Academic Board of the Department of Biology grants students the unchallenged right to conscientious objection, exempting them from educational activities that include the use of live or dead animals, extending the exemption to the latter category beyond statutory provisions. Teachers will suggest appropriate alternative study methods to ensure the achievement of scientific and practical knowledge for passing the exams, in accordance with the educational objectives of the degree programme.

Students of degree programmes coordinated by the Academic Board of the Department of Biology of the University of Milan can express their conscientious objection to animal testing at any time during the programme, using the attached form.

The form must be completed in two copies and submitted to the Course Administration (via Celoria 26) during opening hours. One copy will be kept by the office, while the other will be returned to the objector, duly stamped and / or countersigned.