MBC Presentation

The main goal of the MBC Master degree is to train biologists in advanced biomolecular research, to prepare them for present and future challenges in the field. The specific goal of the MBC programme is to provide in depth and up-to-date knowledge in the following subjects:

  • molecular genome analysis;
  • regulation of gene expression;
  • structure and function of biological macromolecules and their interactions in supramolecular complexes;
  • cellular communication, signal perception and transduction, metabolic regulation, biomolecular engineering and computing.

The course will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of biomolecular research. The graduate student will acquire first-hand expertise in state-of-the-art and emerging research technologies/approaches, data acquisition systems and analysis, and will address current world scientific challenges in the research laboratories in the Department of Biosciences.

MBC - Master's Degree Programme in Molecular Biology of the Cell.